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Review the major parts of NaviNet so you'll know your way around. 

Would you rather watch a video? Check out NaviNet Basics: Get Around in NaviNet.

Sign into NaviNet

To use NaviNet, sign in at Enter your username and password, and then click Sign In. The NaviNet Home screen appears.

NaviNet Home is a central point of access to health plans and other healthcare services. It displays up-to-date announcements and news from NaviNet and your health plans.

To access NaviNet Home at any time, click the NantHealth | NaviNet logo in the upper-left corner of any screen. 

Manage your account 

You can change your password, update your contact information, find the name of your NaviNet security officer, and more. To manage your account, click the My Profile icon () in the upper-right corner of any screen, and then click Manage My Profile.

Note: New NaviNet users must wait 24 hours until they can access some Manage My Profile functionality. Until then, some Manage My Profile screens may be blank. If the Manage My Profile screen continues to be blank after 24 hours, or if you're not a new user, contact NantHealth Support.

Under My Profile, you can also sign up for or manage your AllPayer and Medicare subscriptions.

Set up an office

If you're a NaviNet security officer, you can manage your office’s user accounts, manage user permissions, and change your office’s time-out period. To access your office’s settings, click the Administration menu.

For more information about how to set up an office, see the user guides for NaviNet Administration. The Administration menu appears only for NaviNet security officers.

Access your health plan transactions 

To access a health plan's home page with links to all of their transactions, click the Health Plans menu, and then choose the health plan. You can search for a health plan using the search box at the top.

After you choose a health plan, you can verify patient eligibility or check claim status, for example, by choosing a transaction in the Workflows for this Plan section. If you don't see a transaction that you need, ask your NaviNet security officer.


Access other workflows

To access workflows that aren't specific to one health plan, such as patient or practice documents, or drug authorizations, click the Workflows menu, and then choose a workflow. 

Navigate around NaviNet

The Wayfinder displays the current point in your workflow. Use the Wayfinder, and not your browser’s back button, to view previously visited screens. 

Get support or provide feedback

To get support or provide feedback, click the My Profile icon () or the Support and Feedback () icon in the upper-right corner of any screen, and then choose an option in the Get Support section. 

You can also get support or provide feedback using the links at the bottom of every page.

View action items and notifications

View your action items () and notifications () using the icons in the upper-right corner.

Sign out 

To exit NaviNet, click your profile icon () in the upper-right corner of the screen, and then click Sign Out


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