Roles and Responsibilities - Frequently Asked Questions

Starting December 2019, we will ask you to provide your roles and responsibilities when you sign into NaviNet. Choose the values that best match your roles or responsibilities at your office.

Why are you asking for my roles and responsibilities? 

The more that we know about your roles and responsibilities, the more we can tailor your NaviNet experience to best suit your needs.
We ask you to confirm your roles and responsibilities once a year.

What if I don’t select any roles or responsibilities? 

If you don't select any roles or responsibilities, you will see the My Roles and Responsibilities pop-up window each time that you sign into NaviNet. After you provide your roles and responsibilities, you will no longer see the pop-up window. 

What if my roles or responsibilities change? 

You can update your roles and responsibilities at any time.

  1. In the upper-right corner of any screen, under the Welcome menu, click My Roles & Responsibilities.
  2. Edit your roles and responsibilities, and then click Confirm.

What if the Confirm button is unresponsive?

The Confirm button can be unresponsive if you are using an older browser. Please try another browser or update your current browser.
See Browser Requirements for more information.

Do you send my roles and responsibilities to the health plans?

No, we collect your roles and responsibilities for NaviNet only. We do not send them to health plans or update any information that you may have provided to a health plan.