What are the roles and responsibilities of a NaviNet Security Officer?

Health Plans: 

  • Security Officers


  • Security Officers

Overall, a NaviNet Security Officer is responsible for:

  • making sure that NaviNet is used in a HIPAA-compliant way
  • configuring providers, users, and permissions so the office can use NaviNet efficiently

To fulfill these responsibilities, the Security Officer undertakes several special tasks, including:

  • ensuring that every staff member who will access NaviNet will have his or her own unique password
  • ensuring that these unique passwords are not shared with anyone
  • adding, reactivating, deactivating, and terminating NaviNet users from your organization
  • resetting user passwords for staff members who forget their passwords and/or the answers to their challenge and response questions
  • changing the amount of time before NaviNet automatically logs off inactive sessions
  • contacting NaviNet if someone else takes on the Security Officer role for NaviNet
  • setting transaction permissions for individual users
  • making sure the office is registered to all appropriate health plans
  • making sure the office has the right TINs, groups, and providers  available for NaviNet transactions

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