What are the benefits of designating a NaviNet Security Officer?

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  • Security Officers


  • Security Officers
  • HIPAA Compliance. Designating a Security Officer for NaviNet is one step towards HIPAA compliance for the provider office. This person will be responsible for security issues relating to NaviNet. For example, this includes distributing new user information, which includes adding new users to NaviNet, assisting users with password-related issues, and terminating users who have left your office.
  • Empowerment. The NaviNet Security Officer will be empowered to manage user security and will no longer be reliant on NaviNet Customer Service  for simple tasks like adding or terminating a user, resetting a password, or extending the NaviNet timeout period.
  • Quicker Access to NaviNet. The office will not have to schedule an onsite appointment by a NaviNet representative to make changes. This enables the NaviNet Security Officer to take more control of security and hasten user access to NaviNet.

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