View or Print Patient Benefits

Health Plans: 

  • AllPayer Access,
  • AmeriHealth Caritas District of Columbia (ACDC),
  • AmeriHealth Caritas Louisiana,
  • AmeriHealth Caritas Pennsylvania,
  • AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care,
  • AmeriHealth Caritas VIP Care Plus,
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska,
  • Blue Cross Complete of Michigan,
  • Clover Health,
  • First Choice VIP Care Plus,
  • Gateway Health,
  • Geisinger,
  • Health Partners Plans,
  • Horizon NJ Health,
  • Keystone First,
  • Keystone First VIP Choice,
  • PerformCare,
  • Select Health of South Carolina,
  • West Virginia Family Health,
  • NaviNet Open


  • Eligibility and Benefits

The View/Print feature has been enhanced. You can now:

  • Select the benefit types you want to print.
  • View or print all patient demographics, PCP, and insurance information—not just what is showing on the current screen. 

View/Print Patient E&B Details

To view or print patient E&B details:

  1. Click View/Print.

  2. In the menu that appears, select the benefit types you want to print. 


    The View/Print menu displays only benefit types for which full detail is immediately available without submitting another request to the health plan. If you do not see a benefit type that you want to print:
    1. Click Cancel to close the View/Print menu.
    2. In the Benefits menu, click the benefit type to retrieve and display the details.
    3. Click View/Print again. The benefit type should now be available in the menu.
    4. Select the benefit type.
  3. Click Print to view the details.
  4. Print or save the details using standard browser functionality or use the action bar that appears at the top of the document.

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