Choose a Default Benefit View

Health Plans: 

  • AllPayer Access,
  • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska,
  • Clover Health,
  • Gateway Health,
  • Health Partners Plans,
  • PerformCare,
  • West Virginia Family Health,
  • NaviNet Open


  • Eligibility and Benefits

Previously, when you viewed patient eligilbity and benefits, the Health Benefit Plan Coverage details always appeared first. You had to scroll through the Benefits menu to find the benefit type that you needed.

This feature lets you choose which benefit type appears first. For example, if you work in a Chiropractic office, you can choose to always see the Chiropractic benefits first.

The purpose of this feature is to immediately show you the benefit details that you use the most. You can choose a different default for each health plan.

Choose a Default Benefit View

To choose a default benefit view:

  1. In the Benefits menu, select the benefit type.

  2. Click Set as default benefit view in the top-right corner of the benefit detail section.


    The text updates to "Default benefit view."

  3. In the future, every time you view patient E&B details for this health plan, the current benefit type will appear first (unless you pick a different default benefit view).


  • To choose a new default benefit view, select a different benefit type in the Benefits menu and click Set as default benefit view.
  • Default benefit views that you choose are specific to you and do not affect other users in your office.
  • If you do not select a default benefit view for any health plan, Health Benefit Plan Coverage is the default for all health plans.
  • If you have not yet selected a default benefit view for a specific health plan, NaviNet uses a default that you recently picked for a different health plan (if the current health plan supports that benefit type). Otherwise, NaviNet displays Health Benefit Plan Coverage.  

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