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During July through September 2020, we rolled out a new look for NaviNet! 

You can sign into NaviNet as you usually do. We didn't remove any functionality; we just updated the look and location of some features.

Would you rather watch a video? Check out NaviNet has a new look!

Access your health plans

To access a health plan's Plan Central page with links to all of their transactions, click the Health Plans menu, and then choose the health plan. You can search for a health plan using the search box at the top. 

Access other workflows

To access workflows that aren't specific to one health plan, such as patient or practice documents, or drug authorizations, click the Workflows menu, and then choose a workflow.

Manage your account

To manage your account, click the My Profile icon () in the upper-right corner of any screen. The My Profile panel opens. Choose an option in the My Profile section. These options haven't changed.

Get support or provide feedback

To get support or provide feedback, click the My Profile icon () or the Support and Feedback icon () in the upper-right corner of any screen, and then choose an option in the Get Support section. These options haven't changed.

Note: The two icons currently display the same panel, so you can use either one to manage your account, get support, or provide feedback. We'll be enhancing these panels in a future release.

You can also get support or provide feedback using the links at the bottom of every page.

Other features

View your action items () and notifications () using the icons in the upper-right corner.

If you're a security officer, click the Administration menu to manage users and office settings.

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