What should I do if a provider is missing from a drop-down menu?

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If there is a provider missing from a dropdown menu, that health plan's data is not up to date. Add the missing provider using the Add Tax ID feature. See Adding a Tax ID and Its Associated Providers to Your Office for details.

When you add a Tax ID for your office in NaviNet, NaviNet automatically adds all of the providers associated with that Tax ID. These providers are then available for use with any health plan associated with that Tax ID.  If you do not have access to adding a Tax ID to your office, contact your NaviNet Security Officer.

Note: A few health plans have additional tools that you can use to manage your providers in NaviNet. Access each health plan in NaviNet and look under Workflows For This Plan to see what tools are available.

If you have followed the steps to add a Tax ID to your office, and providers are still missing from the dropdown menu, please open a support case to receive further assistance.

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