What are the NaviNet password requirements and guidelines?

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NaviNet requires users to change their passwords periodically in accordance with HIPAA security standards. Please adhere to the following requirements and guidelines when choosing a new password.


Your new password:

  • must be at least eight characters long
  • must be different from the last six passwords you've used
  • must contain at least three of the following types of characters: uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and the symbols ! @ #  $ %  ^ & * ( ) _ + } { " : ; ? \ / .
  • must not contain your NaviNet username or your first or last name
  • must not contain three or more repeated or sequential characters, such as aaa, abc, or 123


A good password is critical to protecting the confidential information available through your NaviNet account. Choose a password that is unique and difficult for others to guess.

Do use:

  • a combination of letters and numbers, but avoid simply placing numbers at the beginning or end of a word
  • a word you can remember, but replace some of the letters with numbers, for example, use s3cr3t for secret
  • the first letters of a memorable phrase, for example, mdSi12yo for "my daughter Sally is 12 years old"

Do not use:

  • personal information such as family names, anniversaries, birthdays, or social security numbers

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