Can I extend the timeout period that determines when NaviNet automatically logs me out?

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Yes. To change the amount of time your office can remain inactive in NaviNet before the system automatically logs you out, contact your office's Security Officer. If you're the Security Officer, see Changing My Office Timeout Period.

The Security Officer is the only person in your office authorized to make this change. Ask your Security Officer to extend or shorten the period in which you want to keep your session open while NaviNet is inactive. The default time period is 30 minutes.

Note that the Security Officer cannot change an individual end user's default time period. Any changes made to the default time period will affect all NaviNet end users in your office. The default time period is set at the office level only and cannot be changed by health plan or end user. To find your NaviNet Security Officer, see Finding Your NaviNet Security Officer.

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