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  • Admission/Discharge Alerts

Admission and Discharge (ADT) alerts notify you when members are admitted to or discharged from the hospital, or treated in an emergency room. This information is available within 24 hours of the event, letting you efficiently and effectively address member health issues in a timely manner.

Sample ADT alert:


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Would you rather try the online training? Check out ADT Alerts Online Training.

Before you begin: To receive ADT alerts, you must use the Provider Filter to select the providers that you support. By doing so, you attest that you are authorized to access the Protected Health Information for the patients of those providers.  

Access ADT Alerts

You can access ADT alerts from the following areas in NaviNet:

From the Activity Menu

If you subscribe to ADT alerts, the system notifies you when a patient has new ADT alerts. Subscribe to and access the alerts from the Activity menu.

  1. On the upper-right of the NaviNet toolbar, click Activity.
  2. On the Settings tab, subscribe to ADT alerts:
    1. Under Notify Me About, select the Incoming Documents and Patient updates when running an E&B check boxes.
    2. Under Frequency of pop-up notifications, choose how often to receive pop-up notifications. Pop-up notifications appear at the upper-right of the NaviNet screen. If you disable pop-up notifications, you can still access notifications from the Activity menu.
  3. View the ADT alerts: 
    • On the Notifications tab, point to a notification, and then click View Documents, or
    • On the Summary tab, under Patient Documents, click Response Requested or Unread

From the Patient Clinical Documents Workflow

  1. On the Workflows menu, click Patient Clinical Documents.
  2. In the Patient Clinical Documents screen, find the ADT alerts by using the filter and sort options. For example:
    1. Select the Patient Consideration filter under Document Category.
    2. Type ADT in the Document Tags field.
    3. Sort by Patient Last Name, Payer, or Last Document Received.
  3. Click a patient's name to view their ADT alert in the document viewer.

For more details about the Patient Clinical Documents screen, see Patient Clinical Documents.

From Eligibility and Benefits

If you view eligibility and benefits for a patient that has an ADT alert, you see a pop-up notification in the upper-right of the screen.


Click the link to view the patient's ADT alert.

View a Member's ADT Activity for the Past Three Months 

To view a member's ADT activity for the past three months:

  1. Sign in to NaviNet. On the Health Plans menu, click your health plan.
  2. Under Workflows for This Plan, select Report Inquiry, and then click Member Clinical Summary Reports.
  3. Choose Member Clinical Summary from the Select Report drop-down menu, and then click Yes to confirm you are authorized to view the information.
  4. In the screen that appears, choose the report criteria, and then click Search. The report appears.
  5. Review the hospital admission and discharge history in the Recent Hospital Notifications section.

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